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Behind the Design

I'm a destination wedding designer and planner with a discerning eye for detail and a great love for entertaining.

about the designer


I'm a risk-taker, soul-searcher, & your perfect partner in showcasing your love story through dramatic design

I didn't set out to become an event designer & planner, and now I couldn't imagine being happier doing anything else. I created my University of Michigan degree in European International Relations to become a diplomat, and during the hiring process (Top Security clearance, the works...), I got a job planning corporate social events. I then transitioned to planning large-scale international educational conferences.

During that time, I coordinated weddings under my first event planning business, and after 7 years of wedding planning experience and over a decade of event planning, J Bennett Design was born 4 years ago at the same time as my daughter Charlotte.

The entire process of planning a wedding can, and should, be as magical and transformative as your wedding day. I especially love weddings and celebrations because they bring people together to be joyful.

During the planning process, I keep track of all the details and to-do’s so you don’t have to. It's ok if you can't always see the big picture—I can. It takes organization and dedication to get from day one of planning to seeing the last happy guest depart from your reception, and I love every minute of the journey. Efficiently solving wedding day issues is one of my favorite parts of the job.

I have a great team, and I believe in working closely with each couple throughout their journey, so I personally handle each client’s planning and take a select number of couples each year. Together we find creative ways to infuse your wedding with your passion and personality, showcasing those items and experiences that make your love story unique, leaving lasting impressions on your loved ones.

my favorite things:


places i've been

Europe--especially Rome, Paris, & Athens (I love visiting places rich with history and touring archaeological sites)


guilty pleasure

Craft cocktails, especially recipes featuring egg white foam and Pisco or Chartreuse. I also enjoy eating s'mores every night after I tuck my little one into bed. Shh... don't tell her!



Traveling, designing flowers, renovating historic homes, writing fiction, entertaining loved ones, attending musical and theatrical performances, visiting museums, and meeting friends for cocktails and brunches.


Place to Be with family

We love to walk along beautiful beaches the world over, looking for shells and playing in the surf. Catching a gorgeous sunset is always a highlight!


Part of my job

Arranging a bride's gown or groom's boutonniere and giving them calm words of encouragement just before they walk down the aisle. It's a quiet, intimate moment, full of so much promise, and I always feel honored to be part of something so special.



This kind-hearted little girl, my daughter, Charlotte. She's everything I ever dreamed she might be and more--continually inspiring me to be the best version of myself.

about you

Our couples care deeply about making their weddings & events personal, memorable, and as well-designed as they are well-organized

Your wedding planning journey should be about so much more than just checking things off your list. You should be able to enjoy every moment of this special time in your life, when you can use the process of designing your wedding to get to know yourselves better as a couple and to truly celebrate your love.

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